The Rowing Podcast

Mike Spracklen - "Ten Thousand Hours"

June 26, 2020 Matt Rung Season 1 Episode 11
The Rowing Podcast
Mike Spracklen - "Ten Thousand Hours"
Show Notes

Ten Thousand Hours
By: Mike Spracklen

To be master of your vocation, be it artistic or physical or a combination of both
The more time you give your endeavor, the stronger will be its growth

Whatever may be your ambition in life, be it art on canvas or playing French horn
Or a physical activity like rowing with more than 10,000 hours

True skill is born

Keep sculling movements simple and practice every day,
It’s the best advice an old coach can give, let nothing stand in your way


Repetition can be boring , repeating the same movement over and over again,
will challenge your concentration, good sculling technique will be hard to retain

And the quality of training will deteriorate, if the body is permitted to avoid the load
The value gained from staying focused, will be well worth the 10,000 hours 

You rowed